Yusupov palace – the gem of Russian nobility

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Yusupov palace – the gem of Russian nobility

St. Petersburg has an unusual place where you can see the Russian Royalty’s palace, famous for its aristocratic interiors. The spacious entrances with majestic columns, the unique home-theatre of the 18th century, lots of performances, plays and exhibitions and even a real carnival – you will find everything here. The interiors of the Yusupov palace on Moika River were constantly changing and improving for 200 years to reflect the luxurious nobles’ way of life. This old mansion, famous far outside St. Petersburg, was laid during the reign of Peter I. Skillful Italian masters like A. Vegi and B. Medici are responsible for its splendid decor. In the 1930s the talented Russian architect Mikhailov enlarged the palace by adding 5 spacious halls and a unique mini-theater.

The mystery of Rasputin’s murder

The noble family of the House of Yusupov owned this palace from 1830 till the Revolution. Eminent princes met here to discuss important state issues and nobility also gathered for masquerades and balls. The palace was also the set for some important moments of Russian history; like the murder of Russian peasant Grigory Rasputin.   The night of the 17th of December an attempt on Rasputin was conducted by princes Felix Yusupov and Dmitry Pavlovich. Museum exposition “Rasputin. The myths and the reality” expresses the atmosphere of this tragic event and it illuminates some intriguing facts of Russian history. The conspirators gathered at the lavishly set table, planning a poisoning and a murder of a famous peasant. After some unsuccessful attempts with potassium cyanide and 11 gunshots Rasputin still managed to regain consciousness! Find out more interesting details and facts about the public and private life of the palace through numerous exhibitions and expositions.

Yusupov palace in St.Petersburg, Russia
Yusupov palace in St.Petersburg, Russia

Traditions of Russian princes

Nowadays the Yusupov palace lives a rich cultural life. Recently it gained the state status of historic and cultural center. Various activities like exhibitions, theatre performances, masquerades, musical nights and educational lectures are conducted in the palace.  It is a site of Russian noble heritage.

Not so many ancient mansions in St Petersburg can disclose the authentic life of Russian noblemen quite like the Yusupov palace- the ceremonial decoration of gala suites, the charm of a big picture gallery, the cozy atmosphere of boudoirs and the intimacy of princely chambers – everything is kept in its original setting. Majestic gala interiors are in the white pillared and mirrored dance halls. The Mauritanian drawing room recreates the amazing atmosphere of the Oriental fairy tale. The White foyer and hall of Italian artist Antonio Vigi  take the guests to the era of the prosperity of Italian architecture in Russia.– You can enjoy chamber concerts with instruments such as the harp, piano and flute in the Tapestry drawing-room or the Big Rotunda’s hall.

Yusupov palace in St.Petersburg, Russia

Yusupov palace in St.Petersburg, Russia

Yusupov palace in St.Petersburg, SPB, interiors

Unique mini-theater

The most eccentric entertainment of the Yusupovs is a small home-theatre with unparalleled composition and vigorous acoustics. In the 19th century it was considered to be the greatest luxury.

Today we still enjoy the plays and best musical works here – classic operas, symphonic orchestras, operettas, romances and jazz under the steerage of U. Temirkanov, S. Gorkovenko, “Kremlin” orchestra, “Chamber soloists of St. Petersburg” ensemble, soloists of Mariinsky and Mikhailovsky theatres, State conservatoire and the theatre of Musical comedy.

Yusupov palace in St.Petersburg, Russia, interiors

Theatre in Yusupov palace in St.Petersburg, Russia

Opening hours

Daily from 11:00 to 17:00.

Once a month, the museum is closed – information is available at the museum web site and upon phone call.

Yusupov palace is opened daily. Sightseeing tours are available hourly. Russian, English, French, Italian, Finnish, German and Spanish audio guides are available.


Sightseeing tour – 500 rubles adults, 380 rubles students, 280 child ticket. Excursion “The murder of Rasputin” – 300 rubles adults, 180 rubles students, 150 child ticket. Reduced rates tickets available.


Address: St. Petersburg, Moika 94. Metro station “Nevsky Prospect”, then walk 5 minutes.
Phone: +7 812 314 98 83
Site: yusupov-palace.ru

Translation by I.Todorov
Edited by Joan Akatukunda

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