Yelagin Island

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Elagin Park in St.Petersnurg, Russia

Yelagin Island is also known as a Central Park of Culture and Recreation named after S. Kirov.

Yelagin Island as the Krestovsky Island is located in the north-western part of the city on Neva River’s delta, which flows into the Gulf of Finland. This is a great place for cultural activities and promenades. Yelagin Island is especially good in the summer time with outdoor cafes available for the visitors. However it’s also nice during snowy winter and in the period of autumn leaf falling.  Big variety of activities are widely popular on Yelagin Island, including  riding a bicycle, sled or boat, roller skating, sunbathing on the shore, dancing to the military band or visiting an exhibition; it all depends on the season. The park is widely populated with squirrels and special food is sold here for them. There is a great opportunity to take photos in Yelagin Palace in some of the rented historical costumes so do not forget to bring your camera. And you can take some pictures of splendid scenery of the park too.

Several years ago, the park has been restored to its historic appearance. It has preserved different kinds of centuries-old trees and unique flora. Please note that some lawns with relevant signs are forbidden to walk onto.

Elagin Park and Palace in St.Petersburg, Russia

In the XVIII century this remote island had been called “Bear’s”. According to a legend, Petrovskiy Regiment’s soldiers had come across a bear on this territory.  As to the name “Yelagin” – which is the current name of the island – it originates from one of the many owners of this island – Ivan Yelagin, who was famous for his hospitality. He made a free entrance to the park and treated all its guests.

Prior to the revolution of 1917, the Imperial family had owned Yelagin Island. The reconstruction of the palace and the park was entrusted to the Italian architect Carlo di Giovanni Rossi. Landscaping was done by the same specialist who created the parks of Tsarskoye Selo and Pavlovsk.

Elagin Park, heart lock in St.Petersburg, Russia

Elagin Park Cafe in St.Petersburg, Russia

Yelagin Palace

The main attraction of Kirov Park is the Yelagin Palace. It is also called “the palace of the doors” – you will not find a single matching pair of doors here. The furniture and even the smallest details of the interior are created after the drawings of the Italian architect Carlo Rossi.

Main objects:

1. Stable building (exhibition halls are open and available for the visitors).

2. Yelagin Palace

3. Kitchen building

4. Greenhouse building (occupied by the museum of fancy glass)

Elagin Park and Palace in St.Petersburg, Russia

Elagin Park and Palace in St.Petersburg, Russia

Working hours

Summer season:  06:00 a.m. to midnight, daily.

Winter season: 06:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m., daily.

Tickets office’s working hours: 10:00 to 22:00

The entry to the park is prohibited from midnight to 06:00 a.m.

Working hours of museums and exhibition halls:  10:00 a.m. to 06:00 p.m.

Yelagin Park is closed on Mondays and last Tuesdays of each month

Tickets fare for visiting of the park

Park entrance is free on weekdays.

On weekends and public holidays the fare is as follows:

– Adults – 50 rubles (except for privileged categories of citizens).

– Pupils, school and university students, armed forces personnel – 20 rubles.

The fare for attendance of the Yelagin Palace Museum and the Museum of Fancy Glass is from 75 to 150 rubles.

The fare for all-inclusive ticket:

Adults – 260 rubles, students and retirees – 160 rubles.


Address: St. Petersburg, Yelagin Island 4.

Subway stations:

-“Krestovsky Island” (go to Ryukhin Street up to the intersection with Martynov embankment. You will get to the park’s entrance by the 2nd Yelagin Bridge).

-“Staraya derevnya” (go along the Linden alley up to the intersection with the Primorsky prospect. You will get to the park’s entrance by the 3rd Yelagin Bridge)

Phone: +7 812 4300911, +7 812 4301131

Official site:

Translation by Evgeniya Gavrilova

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    I was there few years ago in winter. We rented kickleds, was amazing fun!

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