Vegetarian cafes and restaurants in the center of St. Petersburg

By on March 23, 2015
Vegetarian cafes and restaurants in St. Petersburg

We complied a special list of places to eat for vegans, fasting people, and healthy food lovers located in the centre of St. Petersburg. All recommended places have a pleasant atmosphere, are well known and loved by the locals.

Troitskiy Most

This chain of cafes was among the first vegetarian places in the city, it offers a variety of dishes from Slavic, Asian and European cuisine. Fresh vegetables and fruits with natural spices are prepared in a simple way and served in a nice atmosphere at low prices.

The cafe also has a pastry shop that takes orders for cakes and pastries, prepared from natural ingredients and fresh fruits.

Kronverkskiy, pr., 35 Phone +7 (812) 326-82-21
Moyka emb., 30 Phone+7 (812) 925-59-78
Wi-fi: free of charge
Accepted cards: Visa, MC, Maestro


A good cafe with vegan and raw food dishes. There are three “Ukrop” restaurants in the city, all set up under a healthy diet concept, but they slightly differ in layout and menu.
The Eco-interiors of the cafes comprise only natural materials and are decorated with a large number of flowers.
The menu includes salads, soups, pasta, desserts – everything is very tasty and likely to appeal even to those who usually prefer traditional cuisine and are not vegetarians.

Vegetarian cafe Ukrop Spb

Vegetarian cafe Ukrop Spb

Vegetarian cafe Ukrop Spb

Marata str., 23 – 7(812) 946 3036
Malaya Konushennaya str., 14 – 7 (812) 946 3035
7 line of Vasilievskiy island, 30 – 7 (812) 946 3033


Entering the cafe you immediately plunge into the magic world of India filled with a strong aroma of spices. The menu includes vegetarian dishes from Indian, Russian, Italian and Japanese cuisine. There are salads, snacks, hot dishes and desserts prepared from natural products without the use of a microwave. There is also a menu for children and combo meals. On Sundays and Saturdays vegetarian cooking classes are held. There is a great store of Indian goods next door.

Vegetarian cafe Botanika Spb

Vegetarian cafe Botanika Spb

Address: Pestelya str., 7
Phone +7 (812) 272 70 91


The cafe is a part of the Chainiy dom (Tea house) project that specializes in vegetarian cuisine from different parts of the world.
Kashmir cafe also offers hookahs.
Address: B. Moscovskaya str., 7
Phone +7 (812) 575 63 69


This bright, cozy and friendly place is located near the metro station “Chernishevskaya” close to the consular offices and near the Palace of Marriage. A warm and sunny atmosphere is created by the Asia-Latin American interior and vivid reproductions of Frida Kahlo paintings. The menu has a huge selection of tea, coffee and vegetarian dishes, mostly from Indian cuisine. In the evening you can often smell a hookah, which you may order as you sit in the comfortable sofa area.

Vegetarian cafe Frida Spb

Vegetarian cafe Botanika Spb

Vegetarian cafe Frida Spb

Address: Tchaikovsky str., 57
Phone +7 (812) 272 68 76

Prekrasnaya Zelenaya (Beautiful Green)

The cafe is located on Mohovaya Street, near the St. Petersburg State Theatre Arts Academy and among many antique shops. This place is a hub for creative people, and the cafe personnel is no exception. Delicious breakfasts, vegan and raw-food lunches and dinners are served here. The menu offers dishes of Russian and European cuisine.
The cafe has a library and every Saturday from 20.00, you can check out the harp music evening.

Prekrasnaya Zelenaya Cafe

Prekrasnaya Zelenaya Cafe
Address: Mohovaya str., 41
Phone +7 (911) 929-18-51

Fruktovaya Lavka (Fruit grocery)

Fruit grocery is a chain of high-quality vegetable and fruit stores and  cafe. A good selection of vegetarian dishes and fruit desserts is offered in the cafe located on Bolshaya Konushennaya street. The chain has about 10 stores in the city and presents an incredible selection of fruits, vegetables, nuts, juices and smoothies. Here you can buy a ready fruit salad for lunch or dinner or a beautiful and nutritious gift set of fruits and vegetables.

Fruktovaya Lavka

Fruktovaya Lavka

Fruktovaya Lavka

Bolshaya Konushennaya str., 15
Phone +7 (812) 655-76-17
Malaya Konushennaya str., 12
Phone +7 (812) 655-76-10
Nevsky prospect 95 +7 (812) 244-09-63
Kuibyshev str., 33 +7 (812) 655-76-09
Karpovka emb. 21 +7 (812) 655-76-12
Paradnaya srt. b. 3, h. 2 +7 (812) 655-76-15
Bolshoy pr. of Vasilievskiy island, 35 +7 (812) 655-76-08
6th line of Vasilievskiy island, 23 +7 (812) 655-76-16

Translation by Kira Horm
Edited by Joan Akatukunda

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