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  • Palace Bridge in St.Peterburg Russia
    St. Petersburg Drawbridge Openings Schedule

    Navigation season in Saint Petersburg starts in April and ends in November. During this period drawbridges (moveable bridges that let ships pass through) of St. Petersburg are opened for a few hours during the night. A walk...

    • Posted March 28, 2016
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  • Summer holidays in st petersburg
    Interesting events of summer 2015 in St. Petersburg

    Almost every weekend various celebrations and festivals are held in St. Petersburg during spring and summer. The biggest and most catchy events are listed below: May 16 – The official annual ceremony of fountains opening will be...

    • Posted May 15, 2015
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  • Most thrilling events of summer 2014 in St. Petersburg

    «White Night Stars» Music Fest, May 28 – July 31 The world famous Mariinsky Theatre holds the Opera, Ballet and Music Annual Festival run by Valery Georgiev. More than 200 performances are to be shown on the...

    • Posted June 29, 2014
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  • Palace Bridge in St.Peterburg Russia
    Bridges of St. Petersburg

    Rivers, canals and small channels in the urban area made it possible to create an advanced system of bridges. There are 342 bridges serving the streets and avenues, neatly separating the city and spreading some holiday spirit...

    • Posted May 7, 2014
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  • Films about St.Petersburg
    Movies about St. Petersburg/Leningrad

    St. Petersburg is a living city: it moves and breathes; it experiences joy and sorrow; it develops and declines. It can even feel as alive as a movie character, and over the years there have been plenty...

    • Posted July 23, 2013
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  • St. Petersburg International Economic Forum
    St. Petersburg International Economic Forum

    Translation by Svetlana Serebryakova Every summer during White Nights season the city turns into a huge site for various events one of those is St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF), which is held on 20-22 June in...

    • Posted June 12, 2013
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  • St.Petersburg graduates heading to scarlet sales party
    Scarlet Sails Festival

    “Scarlet sails”, the holiday of graduates, is held on the weekend which is the nearest to the shortest night of the year (June 22) and falls on the White Nights season. White Nights are a special time...

    • Posted May 28, 2013
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  • Events in summer 2013
    Interesting events of summer 2013

    We’ve chosen for you the most interesting and spectacular events in St. Petersburg in the upcoming season. If you find yourself at one of these events you will surely open a new vivid and festive side of...

    • Posted May 8, 2013
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  • Climate in Spb, autumn
    Climate and weather in St. Petersburg

    Saint Petersburg is worth visiting all year round. The four seasons are so different here that you can discover many aspects of the deep character of the city. Due to the latitude (59°57′ n.l. 30°19′ e.l), Petersburg...

    • Posted April 23, 2013
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  • Russian city St.Petersburg main landmark
    Why St.Petersburg?

    You haven’t been to Saint-Petersburg, but browsing our blog?  Guess, you may consider visiting it then…no matter, if it’s your first encounter or you’re a regular visitor here – you’re welcome to drive, sail, fly here any...

    • Posted April 23, 2013
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