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  • St. Petersburg visitor’s Guide

    Dear friends it’s been a pleasure to share more details on when, where anhow you can have  great time in the most beautiful city of Russia – St. Petersburg. for the last several years we’be been getting...

    • Posted April 5, 2016
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  • Palace Bridge in St.Peterburg Russia
    St. Petersburg Drawbridge Openings Schedule

    Navigation season in Saint Petersburg starts in April and ends in November. During this period drawbridges (moveable bridges that let ships pass through) of St. Petersburg are opened for a few hours during the night. A walk...

    • Posted March 28, 2016
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  • best hotels in St.Petersburg
    St.Petersburg’s best and worst hotels and hostels 2015

    By the onset of 2016, we decided to prepare rankings of the best and worst hotels and hostels in St. Petersburg. The rankings are based on verified reviews from real travelers left on world’s leading hotel reservation...

    • Posted December 30, 2015
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  • “Wash and dry” – laundries in the center of St. Petersburg

    Absence of laundry services in the hotel or hostel you are staying at can become a real problem for a traveler. A lot of laundry and dry-cleaning outlets in the city are focused on services for corporate...

    • Posted August 27, 2015
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  • Apartment rent in St. Petersburg
    Apartment rent in St. Petersburg

    One of the popular types of accommodation during travel in Russia, besides hotels and hostels, is staying at an apartment. It is a good way to feel at home in a different city and there are many...

    • Posted July 29, 2015
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  • Vegetarian cafes and restaurants in St. Petersburg
    Vegetarian cafes and restaurants in the center of St. Petersburg

    We complied a special list of places to eat for vegans, fasting people, and healthy food lovers located in the centre of St. Petersburg. All recommended places have a pleasant atmosphere, are well known and loved by...

    • Posted March 23, 2015
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  • Shopping in St. Petersburg – main streets and shopping malls

    A trip to another city cannot do without a good shopping spree. St. Petersburg like Milan, Paris and New York offers a great variety of famous brands, local designer shops and of course flea markets. If you...

    • Posted October 9, 2014
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  • St.Peterburg neighborhoods
    Residential districts of St. Petersburg

    Choosing a place for a short stay and leisure in St. Petersburg, visitors often stick to the city centre and seldom explore the city’s remote parts, the so-called “residential” districts.  However, there are also quite a few...

    • Posted March 14, 2014
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  • Spuvenirs from St.Petersburg
    Traditional Items to Buy as Souvenirs of Your Time in Saint Petersburg

    At my work in a hotel, on forums and tourist portals, I was frequently asked what one can bring from St. Petersburg as a gift, or which local foods and products to buy. Many travelers want to...

    • Posted October 13, 2013
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  • St.Petersburg Islands
    How many islands does St.Petersburg stand on?

    Exploring the banks of the Neva River, which empties into the Gulf of Finland, Tsar Peter the Great was more passionate about Russia having access to the sea than good land to build a city upon. This...

    • Posted August 20, 2013
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