Leningradskiy Zoopark (St. Petersburg Zoo)

By on July 11, 2013
Saint Petersburg Zoo

In the heart of historical St. Petersburg, near the Peter and Paul Fortress (Petropavlovskaya Krepost), Planetarium and Kronverkskaya Embankment in the Alexander Park, you can find an island harboring a wildlife paradise – the Leningrad Zoo. It can be a good choice to tour right after visiting the many historical sights downtown if you come to St. Petersburg with children. During warm seasons (between June and August), visitors can see the animals while walking through shady paths and neat lawns. Since founding in 1865, the Zoo has been attracting people with its cordial atmosphere.

To date, 1907 species of predators, primates, hoofed and gnawing animals live here in well-customized cages. There is an ornithology department, an exotarium, a veterinary clinic to better cater to the needs of the animals and a stable where small children aged 6-10 can ride a pony. In addition to the animals, this zoo is home to 150 different kinds of birds such as the Chilean flamingo, Andean condor, Bucked-black heron, Black-vulture and Toucan. The zoo offers a variety of activities to suit different interests; you can meet up with the representatives of the local fauna or even join the interesting lectures held in the trained animals department, for a more knowledge enriching experience.

Many mammals of different sizes – from hedge hogs to giraffes have found their home in the St. Petersburg Zoo. You can also see Palla`s cats, exotic African lions, tigers, lynxes, jaguars, snow leopards and pumas from the feline family.  Also slight primates are brought in from all over the world; they climb the trees blithely entertaining people with their funny facial expressions and gestures. Among this charming bunch are the mandrills, gibbons, macaques and lemurs.  The zoo has got some reptiles too in the new exotarium like crocodiles, iguanas, lizards, tortoises, porcupines, caiman, the longest snake – regal and a black-tailed python which can grow up to 8 meters long.

Come experience the nature in the heart of St. Petersburg.

The Leningrad Zoo is open from 10:00 to 21:00 daily.

Ticket fare: 400 rubles – adults, free for children under 4 years.


St. Petersburg, Alexandrovskiy park, I
Metro stations: “Sportivnaya”, “Gorkovskaya”

Telephone: +7(812) 232-8260

Website http://www.spbzoo.ru/

Translation by Ekaterina Antonova
Edited by Joan Akatukunda

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