Shopping in St. Petersburg – main streets and shopping malls

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A trip to another city cannot do without a good shopping spree. St. Petersburg like Milan, Paris and New York offers a great variety of famous brands, local designer shops and of course flea markets.
If you have limited time, our advice is exactly what you need.
Clothing and footwear prices in St. Petersburg are higher than other European countries. Get ready and do not expect ultralow prices!

The main shopping streets in St. Petersburg

The main shopping streets of the city are Nevsky prospekt, Sadovaya street, Vladimirskiy prospect (footwear), Bolshoi prospect of Petrogradskiy district, Sredniy prospect and 7th line of Vasilievskiy island near the Vasilyeostrovskaya metro station.
Combine a walk along the Nevsky prospect with shopping and you will get an unforgettable and pleasant time.
Remember: in the elite clothing boutiques on Nevsky prospect, you will pay slightly more for the purchase than in the shopping malls, but sometimes it’s worth it!

Shopping malls in the city center

There are several popular shopping malls with a variety of brands located in the city center:
“Galleria” on Ligovskiy, 30A, at the intersection of Nevsky and Ligovskiy prospects, close to Moscovskiy railway station offers a variety of almost all the international brands sold on the Russian market.
“Nevsky Center” on Nevsky prospect, 114-116, on the corner of Nevsky prospect and Vosstaniya street – the largest project of the Stockmann chain in Russia.
“Sennaya” on Efimova street, 3 and shopping mall “PIK” on Efimova street, 2. Both are located near the Sennaya metro station, within a walking distance from Nevsky prospect. To get there turn to Sadovaya street from Nevsky prospect – the walk is not a touristic one, but you will get a real feeling of the city.
Near the Gostiniy dvor and Nevsky prospect metro stations are expensive boutiques where you can find clothing, accessories, jewelry and home interior ornaments. These are located in shopping galleries such as “Bolshoy Gostiny Dvor” (Nevsky, 35), “Passage” (Nevsky prospect, 48) and “Grand Palace” (Nevsky prospect, 44). The complexes were designed for tourists and people with a high income, that’s why their popularity among locals is not very high.

Stockmann Nevsky Center

Stockmann Nevsky Center

Clothes from Russian designers

Petersburg fashion is very elegant and features both world-famous designers and young upcoming designers (find detailed info in this article).
Main fashion boutiques of St. Petersburg:
Showroom and boutique «Leonid Alexeev» – Bolshoy prospect Petrogradskiy area, 46
Fashion house Katya Kotegova – Bolshoy prospect Petrogradskiy area, 44
Designer clothes shop Design’Rium – Fontanka emb., 52 near Vladimirskaya metro station
Shop 8-store – indoor shop of Taiga space on Dvorzovaya emb., 20.
“Studio of beautiful clothes” by Stas Lopatkin – Lenin str., 10.
Salon Tatiana Parfionova – Nevsky pr., 51
Salon Alena Ahmadullina – DLT, Bolshaya Konushennaya str., 21-23, b. A
Shop «Marmeladova-buketik» – Rubinshteina str., 40, near Five Corners.
Pirosmani shop by designer Eugenia Malygina – Vladimirskiy prospect, 19, shopping mall Vladimirskiy passage.
Russian designers like Tatiana and Natalia Kaptur, Irina and Marina Mamutinyh, Ilya Chelisheva, Sergey Sysoev and Polini Raudson display their work at:
“Designers” boutiques in shopping center “Miller” (Komendatskiy prospect, 11, Komendatskiy metro station), “Nevsky Atrium” (Nevsky prospect, 51, at Nevsky prospect) and “Varshavskiy Express” (Obvodny Canal emb., 118, near Baltiiskaya metro station).
Showroom Bulavkina – Liteiniy prospect, 31, and the shop «Dan’ mode» on the Canal Griboyedova emb., 41.

Shopping malls on the outskirts of the city

Large varieties of shopping malls are located outside the city center. The brands are more or less the same and the prices are slightly lower than those within the center. The most interesting malls are:
“Mega Dybenko”, Murmanskiy highway, 12 km – get on the bus K-3 MEGA metro station “Dybenko”.
“SitiMoll” – Kolomyazhsky Ave 17/2 – right opposite the metro station Pionerskaya.
“Grand Canyon” – Engelsa prospect, 154 – 15 min walk from the Prosvescheniya metro station
“Piter-Raduga” – Kosmonavtov, 14, a free shuttle bus from the Park Pobedi metro station to the mall.
“Rodeo drive” shopping mall and aqua park – Kulturi prospect, 1, a free shuttle bus from the Ozerki metro station to the mall.


“Rodeo drive” shopping mall and aqua park

Outlets in St. Petersburg

You can always find discounts everywhere, but often they are small and usually not for the best goods. Small discount shops can be found in almost all the shopping centers, but don’t expect a lot from them.
Despite that, several places deserve special attention:
Discount Center “Rumba” (Vasi Alexeeva str., 2) – near the metro station “Kirovskiy zavod” – here you can buy branded items with maximum discounts. Also, visit Babochka Outlet, Gagarinskaya str., 19 / Gangutskaya str., 18, it offers past seasons collections of well-known brands such as Alexander McQueen, Azzedine Alaia, Brioni, Céline, Chloé, Ermenegildo Zegna, Fendi, Giorgio Armani, Givenchy, Jimmy Choo, Lanvin, Loro Piana, Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors with 30-70% discount.


Jewelry shops can be found in any shopping malls in the city. The biggest store of “Russian Samozveti» – Petersburg Jewelry Company – is located on the Carl Faberge Square, 8, close to Ladozskaya metro station.


If you want to buy books and literature about St. Petersburg visit the Book House on Nevsky, 28 – it is the best and biggest bookstore in town. Also many “Bukvoed” book stores can be found throughout the city.

Traditional Russian souvenirs

Classic Russian souvenirs are sold at the souvenir market near the Savior on the Blood church and at other sightseeing points, in the subway and at the underground passages near Gostiniy Dvor metro station and at the department stores in the central part of the city. A good St. Petersburg souvenir is porcelain of Lomonosov Porcelain Factory: quality products of the oldest St. Petersburg plant, the prices for such souvenirs continue growing every year. Visit “Imperial porcelain” store on Nevsky prospect, 60, 160, Vladimirskiy prospect 7, Gostiniy Dvor or large shopping centers. You can also buy original and witty souvenirs from St. Petersburg charitable organization “Bunkhouse”, the incomes of which will go to the shelter for homeless. You can buy them in the bookshop at Nevsky 66.

Imperial Porcelain from St.Petersburg

Lomonosov Porcelain

Flea Markets

The two main flea markets of St. Petersburg are:
Market at Udelnaya (near Udelnaya metro station), people come here for clothing, houseware, furniture and a wide variety of different stuff; market Unona in Avtovo (Marshala Kazakova str., 35), the market specializes in electronics. Udelnaya Market is open daily, Unona is closed on Monday.

Flea Market at Udelnaya St.Petersburg Russia

Flea Market at Udelnaya

Enjoy your shopping in St.Petersburg!

Translation by Kira Egorova
Edited by Joan Akatukunda

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    Where can I buy real felted boots for child? I’m interested in traditional boots, not souvenir.

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