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By on May 9, 2015
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Native citizens of Saint Petersburg prefer to buy clothes abroad. If you cannot afford a several day trip to Milan, Finland is your next bet – a much closer and cheaper trip, still equally pleasant.

If you are planning a vacation in Europe, shopping will be a pleasant part of your trip, although due to the growth of the Euro against the Ruble; prices are not as attractive as before.

So, we need to find a way to benefit the purse and to get the pleasure of shopping in St. Petersburg.

New George-V avenue and via Monte Napoleone

Choose one of two routes for shopping in the city center: from Vosstaniya to Palace square along Nevsky Prospect or from Lev Tolstoy Square to the Tuchkov bridge along Bolshoy prospect of Petrogradskaya side.

We’ll begin with Vosstaniya square where the largest shopping mall of the city is located. The complex called Galeria has five floors with more than 290 stores of different brands. It is important to note that in this big variety of youth and premium brands everyone can find something that suits them.

Galeria is very popular, vibrant and crowded. If you prefer a more relaxed atmosphere for shopping – check out the nearby shopping mall; Nevsky Center. On this 7-floor complex, you will find a popular Finnish department store Stockmann and many other European brands. Don’t miss the large cosmetics department on the ground floor. Women’s,men’s clothing and  household goods, can be found  on the fifth floor.

A 15-20 minute walk along Nevsky Prospect towards Palace Square  will get you to the next shopping stop, which is characterized by the oldest shops in the city: Bolshoy Gostiny Dvor and Passage, and a younger brother Boutique Gallery Grand Palace.

Bolshoy Gostiny Dvor is worth a visit not only as a shop, but as a cultural sight as well. This historic building was built in the late 18th century and is under the protection of UNESCO. The two-storey building is spread over the whole block and has a grand shopping gallery inside where you can buy almost anything. If you wish, you can walk along the complex perimeter (about 1 km) and complete a square. Prepare for the remains of the Soviet spirit in the shop assistants attitude, but don’t take it personal, perceive it as a historic reminder.

The complex located along the Nevsky Prospekt is called Gallery of high fashion and among other famous brands has Missoni, Love Moschino, Nina Ricci and Versace. Other arcades on Bolshoy Gostiny Dvor offer more affordable brands, including goods produced in Russia. You can buy anything from souvenirs to books and jewelry here, but prepare for a long walk.

Opposite  Bolshoy Gostiny Dvor, on the other side of Nevsky Prospect is Passage, one of the first shopping centers not only in St. Petersburg, but in Russia as well. Pay attention to the building itself, it was constructed as a covered gallery with a length of 180 meters. The name of the store comes from the French «passer» – walk. The concept of the store is not very clear as it has a mixed collection of shops. A variety of men and women’s clothing and shoe stores, a few fur shops, essential for all malls – cosmetic shop and a couple of decent souvenir and antique shops. Website:

Next to Passage is the Boutique Gallery Grand Palace, which has existed in St. Petersburg for over 10 years and was the first luxury shopping center. There are more than 80 mono and multibrand boutiques: the world’s leading brands of clothes, shoes, accessories, jewelry and home decoration. We recommend visiting the complex for shoes and bags, in particular, beloved by all the ladies – Furla shop on the ground floor. You will also find in the Gallery a rich selection of jewelry by Carrera y Carrera, Chaumet, Sergio Bustamante, Stephen Webster and Swarovski. Website:

We finish our tour at the legendary DLT shopping center – a branch of the Moscow Central Department Store. At the intersection of Nevsky Prospect and Bolshaya Konushennaya street turn right and walk about 200 meters. Enjoy the window shopping experience before you enter.

DLT, the Leningrad House of Trade, is one of the oldest department stores, the best family shop in the city during the 1980-s. Many that were children then have fond memories of  buying school uniforms  here. Several years ago, the building was reconstructed and from a mid-scale segment turned into a handsome boutique oasis – a flagship branch of the Moscow Central Department Store.

You will find mostly luxury and fashion brands here. On the first floor; accessories, jewelry, cosmetics and perfumes, and the rest of the 3 floors offer clothes for the high rolling shoppers. To select a perfect look, you can hire a stylist. The complex has few visitors and high prices, but it’s worth the visit to “show yourself and to watch others.”

Don’t get frustrated by comparing prices of similar goods to other European shops, just buy what you want here and now! Website:

Translation by Kira Horm
Edited by Joan Akatukunda

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