Schastye (The Home of Happiness) Restaurants

, updated on September 26, 2013
Ресторан Счастье

One of the favorite places among fancy Petersburg public, especially young women is the Schastye chain of restaurants, also known as The Home of Happiness.

Several of them are located all over our city with the flagman restaurant being the first to open over 5 years ago. It has since won the love of its visitors, is situated on the so-called “street of bars”, 15-17 Rubinstein street.

The restaurant has both , smoking and nonsmoking areas, with nearly 80 seats and a pretty summer terrace with 20 seats. The place features performances by different DJs and the sounds of nice funky music; a plus is the Wi-Fi is free.

The interior is decorated in pastel shades with a predominance of white colors to the extent that you actually find yourself sitting on a cloud surrounded by cupids – its indispensable peculiarity. The hearts are another recurring theme at this place, for that very reason it becomes clear why the sweet ladies of St. Petersburg are so fond of it.

The menu is made up of simple but well-liked culinary hits of France and Italy. You can’t help but have a taste of the alluring and mouth-watering desserts or fresh pastries. This is also a perfect place for brunches and get-togethers with friends.

The restaurant boasts exceptional services like parceling out pleasantly   packaged  pastries that could be an excellent idea for a gift and delivering postcards (that you can buy there)to any part of the globe.

The Home of Happiness in cafe-confectionary-bar variation can be found in St. Petersburg on 24 Malaya Morskaya and 55 Nevsky Prospekt.

Excerpts from the menu

Foie gras paste with pear jelly. Served with fresh berries and fruits – 490 rubles

Warm Camembert with grilled baguette and fresh berries – 420 rubles

Caesar salad with Romaine lettuce, cherry tomatoes, crispy croutons, slices of Parmesan and tiger shrimps – 540 rubles

Coconut cream soup with tender rabbit – 420 rubles

Pasta with salmon served with spinach mint sauce – 410 rubles

Lunch time is from 12.00 to 16.00 p.m. on weekdays. The average bill is 250-280 rubles.

Ресторан счастье на Невском проспекте

Ресторан Счастье, Петербург

Ресторан Счастье, вид на Невский

Translation by Evgeniya Gavrilova
Edited by Joan Akatukunda

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