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Pushkin, St.Petersburg

Pushkin is a little town beyond St. Petersburg, which used to be one of imperial residences.

A series of palaces and gardens in Pushkin and its’ historical center are Unesco World Heritage, so you definitely don’t want to miss this place while exploring the St. Petersburg area. The town was founded in 1710 and its’ most interesting sights belong to the 18th-20th centuries.

Strolling through the historical center and the pre-revolutionary buildings, plan to visit “Tsarskoye selo”. This magnificent piece of culture, architecture and art of gardening was long ago a country residence of Russian tsars. The Catherine Park covering 107 hectares of land is a perfect place to enjoy on a fine summer day. The blooming Old Garden, created by masters Roozen and Foht in 1720s, the Big Pond spreading the waves of cool, the landscape compositions of the English Garden, carefully clipped lawns and thick flowerbeds with the elegant sculptural compositions, will fill you with the spirit of tsar’s times.

Catherine park in Pushkin, St.Petersburg

The Catherine Palace

The Catherine Palace and its’ Russian baroque facades lies in the very heart of this site.  It perfectly recreates the way of life and spirit of the 18th century, when noble ladies were walking down the flat paths with their knights. Visit the luxurious Amber Room, a gift from talented European experts to Peter I.  The palace is surrounded by a few places of interest, for instance the lyceum, a branch of the NationalPushkinMuseum, where this famous writer studied, the Cameron gallery, cold baths, hanging gardens and the ramp.

Catherine Palace Pushkin, st. Petersburg

Other sites of Pushkin

The Alexander palace is interesting as a classic example of the Alexander time architecture. A big park surrounds this beautiful building, a small Chinese village and ponds with green heels lie not very far from it.

The Vladimir palace resembling an Italian villa of the Renaissance period, the antique shopping arcades, Princess Paley’s palace, Prince Kochubey’s mansion, train station “Tsarskoye selo” – there is a whole bunch of sites to enlarge your knowledge about Russian aristocracy!

Should you feel the need for a change from history, architecture and rarities of the 18th century, you can defuse your trip with a walk through one of the numerous Pushkin parks where you can hide from summer heat having a lonely airing under the crowns of the Babolovsky park. The young students – Alexander Pushkin’s friends – were gambling in the Lyceum park centuries ago. Moreover, the writer has often glorified these picturesque places in his poems.

Nizhny, Fermsky and Buferny parks with their neat ponds, paths and glades suit perfectly for a light picnic on a fine day or to stop by to enjoy your favorite book. Warm seasons are the best to visit Pushkin because it involves a lot of open air walks, along the cosy paths.

Monument to Alexander Pushkin

Monument to Alexander Pushkin, poet

Opening hours

The Catherine Park is open from 7:00 to 21:00, the Catherine Palace – from 10:00 to 18:00 (May to September from 12:00 to 16:00, groups enter with another schedule). Alexander Palace and summer pavilions are open from 10:00 to 18:00. Ticket office closes one hour earlier. Day off in museums – Tuesday and last Monday of a month.


Catherine Park, for adults – 100 rubles. For students and pupils – 50 rubles. Entrance fee for adults in the Catherine Palace – 350 rubles,  for students – 180 rubles. For pensioners  and school students – 120 rubles. Prices in other museums ranging from 100 to 250 rubles, please check on the web-site of the museum.


Address: Sadovaya st, 7, Pushkin, Russia.

Transport: from Vitebsky Railway Station on the train to the station, “Detskoe Selo” (Pushkin), then bus 371, bus 382 or 371, 377, 382.

From metro station “Moskovskaya”, bus 345, 545.

From metro station “Kupchino” or “Zvezdnaya”, a bus 186.

Please, bear in mind, that travel time between St.Petersburg center and Pushkin is about 1,5 hours one way. You will also need not less than 3 hours to see Catherine Park and Palace.

Tel:  +7812 465 20 24

Official Web site of the museum “Tsarskoye Selo”: www.tzar.ru

Translation by I. Todorov and S. Gagliarde

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