The Petrogradsky District

By on June 22, 2013
The Petrogradsky District of St.Petersburg

Boundaries: Big Nevka, Malaya Neva and Neva Rivers.

The Petrogradsky district is an island – a group of islands, to be exact. Click here for a detailed map.

Places of interest: Peter and Paul Fortress, which occupies the entire Zayachy Island; Petrovsky Island, occupied with the stadium, along with Krestovsky and Elagin Islands (where Kirov Central Park is situated); Alexander Park (including the zoo, planetarium and theaters); the Museum of Artillery, the house of Peter the Great, the Botanical Garden, the Catholic cathedral mosque, the cruiser Aurora, St. John’s Monastery and the TV tower.

The main attractions of Petrogradsky or “Petrogradka”, which is what urban residents call the district, are concentrated in the south and southeast (except island parks).

The Petrogradsky District, like all central ones, is densely built up and populated but still stunningly beautiful! Kamennoostrovsky Prospekt, the district’s main street, is justly regarded amongst the most beautiful in the city. Its architectural harmony combines with the consistency of style of all the buildings within a 2.5km radius. Almost every house here is a genuine work of art. Thus the housing prices are quite high.

The transport situation in the district is relatively good. There are 5 subway stations and all types of ground transport. Yet the lack of ways to leave the island (through bridges only) and frequent reconditioning of roads create serious traffic jams during rush hours. Another big problem is that a huge flow of traffic passes through the district to reach the residential districts of the north, as well as the resort area and the coast of the Gulf of Finland. As a result, the narrow one-way streets of Petrogradka can become tightly packed with traffic.

The noisiest and busiest streets of the district are Kamennoostrovsky Prospekt, Pesochnaya Quay, Medic Prospekt, Altekarskaya and Petrogradskaya Embankments, Bolshoy Prospekt and Bolshaya Pushkarskaya Street.

The district’s main residential development are its 19th Century houses. Here in Petrogradsky you’ll find the most expensive luxury accommodations with stunning views of the city center or with private marinas for yachts (read the article “Real Estate of St. Petersburg” for additional details). You won’t find many quiet or abandoned places here. Petrogradsky district features a concentration of medical institutions, primarily educational ones. Thus, just like on Vasilievsky Island, there are a lot of students who study, live and work here, rarely leaving the area.

There are many hotels and mini-hostels, places for entertainment and spending leisure time and cafe-restaurants of all price categories. The only thing lacking is grocery stores; there are no nearby hypermarkets or supermarkets. Yet the spiritual food is in abundance here.

Elagin Island

Elagin Island

The Petrogradsky District St.Petersburg

Bolshoy Prospekt

The Petrogradsky District of St.Petersburg

Bolshoy Prospekt

Translation by Evgeniya Gavrilova
Edited by Erin Swanson

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