Palace square

By on April 28, 2014
Palace square, SPB, Russia

Each year the city day parade, international contests and athletic races, ballad song festivals and superstar’s concerts take place in the heart of St. Petersburg: the Palace Square. Madonna, Rolling Stones, Scorpions, Duran Duran, Roger Walters, Sir Elton John and Sir Paul McCartney have performed on the Palace Square.

Today the Palace Square unites Russian traditions and history with the modern way of life. A lot of street festivities, fairs, games, celebrations of Maslenitsa and other orthodox feasts were held here only 2 centuries ago. Little by little these traditions were forgotten but since the 1990s, some holiday festivities came back to the Palace Square again.

The majestic facade of the Winter Palace, triumphal arch of the General Staff topped with the chariot of fame, the Alexander Column that symbolizes the victory of Russian army over Napoleon, – everything merges harmonically into a magnificent composition. Any visitor in the city won’t miss this spot to see the biggest square in Russia.

The most talented architects – Brullov, Montferrand, Orlovsky – and sculptors – Lipce, Pimenov, Svintsov – created this regal ensemble.

Оn the New Year’s and Christmas times, the square is decorated by a splendid, glittering, sparkling and enormous Christmas tree. According to the local traditions in Christmas and holiday festivities people meets in the square for exchanging wishes and cheerful talks. Several times, during winter season, a huge ice rink was assembled on the Palace square. Every year, Petersburg dwellers are intrigued whether they can enjoy in again.  In summer lots of roller-lovers, young people, locals and tourists gather here, some of them just to look at the dynamic life of the city on Neva.

Here on Palace square, you can buy souvenirs, take a photo with a lady in antique dress or enjoy a short journey in a horse coach. During summer season, various water excursions are offered – by Neva river, channels, the Gulf of Finland or voyages to Peterhof.

Palace square, St.Pete, Russia

Palace square, St. Petersburg, Russia

Translation by Igor Todorov
Edited by Salvatore Gagliarde

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