Moskovsky District

By on July 17, 2013
Moskovsky District St. Petersburg

Boundaries: The district is bounded by Obvodny Channel and the Baltisky and Vitebsky lines of the Oktyabrskaya Railway Road. Click here for a detailed map.

Places of interest: Cesme Church (of John the Baptist), Cesme Palace, Novodevichy Sunday Monastery, Moscow Triumphal Gate, Victory Park, National Library of Russia (the branch), the monument on the Victory Square, many architectural ensembles of the “Stalin Empire” and Soviet-era monuments.

The Moskovsky District is one of the most well-organized areas of St. Petersburg, thus staying here would be the most advantageous option. The district has acquired a reputation for being a leading tourist attraction by means of convenient transport links and a rather good choice of hotels. Pulkovo Airport is located in the district (including the international terminal) as well as two major Russian roads – Moscow and Kiev Highways. Because of this, the Moskovsky District is also called the southern gateway of the city. As for Moskovsky Prospect, which gave the name to the district, it is called “The Government Route” because almost all VIPs pass it to reach the city center.

Moskovsky Prospect’s present look developed in the postwar period during the Stalin era, which is reflected in the architecture. This part of St. Petersburg resembles Moscow.

One of the most beautiful and expensive areas in St. Petersburg is the few blocks between Varshavskaya and Reshetnikova Streets, Gagarin Prospect and the Victory Square. As for the houses along the Kubinskaya Street (the transit cargo route, or the backyard of the railroad), they, on the contrary, represent the district’s more deprived areas.

In general, the district is well maintained and does not look like the historic Petersburg – the houses are not clinging to each other, the courtyards are open and the streets are wide, which creates a feeling of spaciousness. The traffic situation in the district is quite good. There are six subway stations leading straight to Nevsky Prospect without any transfers. There are also seven railway stations and all kinds of ground transport.

A lack of business centers somewhat reduces the business allure of the Moskovsky District. The only city airport is severely deteriorated and is now on a large-scale reconstruction. A large congress center is being built.

The Moskovsky District is full of nightclubs, restaurants, bars and shopping centers. There is also a large park, a sport and concert complex and one of the largest libraries in the world – Russian National Library. Yet the district is poor in historical and cultural sites compared to the center of St. Petersburg.

National Library St.Petersburg Russia

National Library of Russia (branch in St.Petersburg)

Moskovsky Prospekt

Stalin Era buildings on Moskovsky Prospekt

Moskovsky District of St.Petersburg

Typical for Moskovsky District, a spacious yard

Translation by Evgenya Gavrilova
Edited by Erin Swanson

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