Many thanks!

Dear Visitor,

This page is dedicated to those enthusiasts who have helped us in creating and optimizing our blog – our friends and business partners, and the people who have generated ideas and invested their time to make them work.

Erin Swanson

A freelance writer and editor from the United States, she helped edit several translated pages. She spends her time writing for several lifestyle magazines and travel websites. You can read about her at

Joan Akatukunda

A budding writer with a passion for helping marginalized youth, personal development and the environment. Let every choice we make come from a place of love instead of fear.

Kit Darling

Kit Darling is a volunteer proofreader and editor based in Birmingham, England. He has a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature from the University of Warwick, and has also worked for a number of years in Library & Information Services, supporting the work of local universities.

Svetlana Serebryakova

One of those talented professionals and great friends who supported the project from the very beginning through giving wise advice, and helping out with translation and networking. She made her hobby – English language – define her career and home.