The House of Books (Dom Knigi)

By on April 26, 2013
Cafe Singer St.Petersburg

The House of Books is indeed one of the most beautiful and extraordinary buildings in St. Petersburg. It is located on the corner of Griboyedov Canal in the middle of Nevsky prospekt. Why do the inhabitants and guests of St. Petersburg long so much for visiting this sight as soon as they have a spare minute? Here, among the countless bookshelves, one can hide from the fuss of the big city, or settle in the cozy cafe with a new book and a cup of aromatic coffee, or simply take a walk down the antique marble stairs admiring some stylish Venetian decor.

The House of Books is a landmark, one of the biggest shops in the city and also a perfect place for steady reading and relaxing with the Nevsky prospekt right in front of you.  If you happen to come here, leave all your business behind, because the atmosphere of a big reading hall charms and takes you away deeper and deeper.

Enjoy the search of that very book you hopelessly look for, the one you will definitely find here. Book store’s assortment is so huge that neither adults nor children will be bored here as long as the selection of books suits any category of readers – from housewives keen on culinary to inveterate intellectuals, regular to the book stores. More than 150.000 books are represented in these huge halls with enormous panoramic windows. Fiction, modern political journalism, children’s literature with tons of pictures, gift editions of art and culture albums, guide-books, maps, absorbing books on history and sights of St. Petersburg, philosophy, natural and applied sciences, foreign books and movies – just look closely at the clear classification to find the book or disk that you need! Moreover, flexible discount system invites you to buy more and read as much as you want.

House of books in Zinger building

Don’t miss the souvenir section of the shop – there are huge variety of souvenirs, travel guides and albums about St. Petersburg.

The House of Books has long been an intellectual center of St. Petersburg. Meetings with writers, journalists and cultural workers, lectures, master-classes for kids and adults, performances and plays, presentations of brand-new books – everything is held here.

Historical building of the Singer House was constructed more than a hundred years ago, designed by architect Pavel Suzor. The House of Books is peculiar in its granite facade with some decorative sculptures instead of usual gutters, generous decoration work, famous glass dome on top and richly decorated interior combining wide front stairs with oak frames and doors, mosaic floor and wrought iron.

The shop is open from 9 a.m. till midnight.

Cafe Zinger

On the second floor of the bookstore you can find a nice café with a view on Nevsky prospect and Kazansky Cathedral.

Cafe Zinger Saint Petersburg

View from Cafe Zinger

Cafe Zinger interior

Samovar and sushki


Address: St.Petersburg, Nevsky prospekt, 28A

Metro station: “ Nevsky prospekt ”

T: +7812 4482355, +7812 4487888


Translation by Igor Todorov and Salvatore Gagliarde

About Julia G.

I am from Moscow, but very frequent in S.Peter. Love it!


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