Most thrilling events of summer 2014 in St. Petersburg

By on June 29, 2014

«White Night Stars» Music Fest, May 28 – July 31

The world famous Mariinsky Theatre holds the Opera, Ballet and Music Annual Festival run by Valery Georgiev. More than 200 performances are to be shown on the three sites of Mariinsky Theatre: old historic building, Mariinsky-2, the recently opened up-to-the-minute building and Mariinsky Concert Hall. The festival will show four premier performances.

Imperial Gardens Festival, June 6-15

The Annual Fest represents a competitive project of landscape design located in Russian Museum’s Mikhailovsky Garden. This year’s competition announcedinthree categories: “The Art of English Garden”, “The Gardens of the Great and Famous”, “The Gardens of Imagination.” Citizens and guests of St. Petersburg will be able to get an eyeful on the works of the best designers placed in the most picturesque and mysterious park in the city center.

Russia Day, June 12

Independence Day of Russia is a National holiday. It is celebrated since 1992, so it has not acquired any particular traditions yet. The decision to celebrate Russia Day was made right after the adoption of the Declaration of Independence in 1991. National holidays in 2014 are established on June 12-15. The city event’s program usually includes various concerts in Central Parks and Concert Halls, numerous Folk art and Street Festivals in areas of the city, and different kinds of sport events. Petersburg meanwhile is decorated with national flags and symbols.

Russia day celebration in St Petersburg

Holi Colors Outdoor festival, June 13 – 14

The festival takes place on an enormously big stadium “Kirovec”, which will bring together thousands of people wishing to have fun. Over twenty musical bands will perform on the stadium and tons of paint will be poured out. The following areas are going to function on the stadium: the areaof art, the eating zone and the sitting area. The sponsors of the Festival invite you to come in white clothes, and reassure that the Indian Holi paint is safe and easily washed off. The entrance, the concerts and the wet paint are free of charge.

“Scarlet Sails” Alumni Festival – on the night of the 20/21st of June

Scarlet Sails is the most massive and spectacular city festival dedicated to high school graduates. Around million spectators head out to the streets of the city to check out the extraordinary world-class performance residing on Neva River. All events take place in the historical city center. The Palace Square will hold a stage show for graduates, which is introduced by well-known anchors Ivan Urgant, Olga Shelest and Alexander Gudkov, who gained recognition among young generation. The pageant for residents and guests of the city will take place on the Spit of Vasilyevsky Island. You can watch the concert on the Palace Square. The festival reaches the turning point at 01.40 a.m. when spectators get the thrilling view of the magical red sailed brigantine floating in the spotlights, accompanied by numerous boats. Neva River will unfold a stunning multimedia and fireworks show. According to the providers of the show, it is expected to be the most colorful of all previously held.

Scarlet Sales in St.Petersburg Russia

Sand Sculpture Festival, July 10 – August 31

The recognized masters of sand sculpture will represent their astonishing creations made out of sand on the beach of Peter and Paul Fortress. During the first 10 days, the participants of the international competition-festival, first form sculptures out of specially prepared sand then paint and glue them. After awarding the prizes, sculptures are shown for public estimation. The festival is accompanied by different programs, contests and master classes for children.

Summer 2013 events in St.Petersburg - Sand Sculptures

International Music Festival at Peter and Paul Fortress, July 23 – 26

Participants of the festival include jazz, celtic, classical music, reggae and folk music artists from many countries. Many music fans come from other cities in order to visit the festival and explore some musical novelties. The idea of ​​the festival is showing new trends in all kinds of music. The celebration takes place in the historical scenery of Peter and Paul Fortress which is considered to be the birthplace of St. Petersburg.

Navy Day, July 27

Celebrations of Russian Navy Day are held on the last Sunday of July, which this year makes it July 27. The city is proud of its glorious naval history and traditions, so these holidays are assumed to be especially bright and full of interesting happenings. Various exhibitions, concerts, meetings, as well as the Powerboat Championship and military-sports competitions will be held during the whole week from July 21st to 27th. The warships parade on Neva River is sure to take place on July 27th and the fireworks will be the high point of the evening. After the parade, the ships will be moored at the English and Lieutenant Schmidt Embankment. Everyone will get a chance to get the view of the vessels and talk to the crew. The city will be decorated with flags and flowers. It has become a tradition that during the Navy Day celebrations the former sailors and Marines take out of their old army uniform and recall the years of their service by way of noisy demonstrations on the streets.

St.Petersburg summer 2013 events - the Navy day

Night of Light in the Gatchina Park, on the night of August 3rd/4th

The “Night of Light” performance will take place in Gatchina Park from 11:00 p.m. to 3:00 a.m. on the night of August 3rd/4th. The main spectacle of this event is a big firework show accompanied by classical music. The action unfolds against the background of fountains and palace buildings of an old garden. Gatchina Park is one of the most beautiful parks among the palace grounds of St. Petersburg. It includes a big variety of ponds and garden structures, which will take part as the full-fledged actors of the fancy performance.

St. Petersburg Classic Yacht Week, August 19 – 24

“St. Petersburg Classic Yacht Week 2014” is a bright holiday of sailing that is to be held in our city in late August. The main race will take place on the Neva Bay. A colorful holiday will be organized for the spectators of this event that includes the parade of classic yachts and historic ships shown near the walls of the Peter and Paul Fortress. The program of the festival includes colorful shows, concerts, exhibitions, competitions and “naval battles.

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