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, updated on April 23, 2013
Cinema house St. Petersburg

Cinema House is not just one of the city cinemas being there for centuries, but an iconic place for those appreciating refined filmmaking and the center of cinematographers in St.-Petersburg.

The first movie theater called “Splendid Palace” moved in back in 1917 to host the premier of the first Soviet film by Lunacharsky “Consolidation” a year later. Since then the Cinema House sticks to its reputation of being the first (and sometimes the only) cinema in the city to show unusual and iconic films – usually with a tremendous success! Visitors can also enjoy most of interesting film festivals here – documentary, animated and feature films.

The Cinema House is unique not only in its repertoire, but with the architecture style of an Italian palazzo – it was built for the “Petrograd Regional Credit Union”, featured a movie theatre and shops, but was partially redeveloped by the Soviet government.

The cinema fans can refresh and chill out at a restaurant located on the fourth floor overlooking the stunning views of St.-Petersburg from 20m height and enjoying free Wi-Fi.


Address: St.Petersburg, Caravannaya st.,12 (metro station “Kontraktova”)

Phones repertoire: +7 812 314-56-14, +7812 314-06-38

Web site:

The website of the Union of Cinematographers of St. Petersburg

Translation by Svetlana Serebryakova

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