Starting a Business in St. Petersburg – Don’t Go It Alone

, updated on June 28, 2013
Business partners in St.Petersburg, Russia

To quickly and smoothly launch your business within the St. Petersburg business arena we suggest you find partners with good knowledge of the local market. There are lots of firms of various sectors, but only a few of them offer services in languages other than Russian.

Surely, you can contact a well-known international company that operates in the city to provide quality service in a foreign language but the cost will be high. It’s not easy to find an affordable company that will still provide quality service. Here are some tips to guide you on your way:

Start looking for partners through organizations where different companies unite by activity, expertise or origin:

– St. Petersburg International Business Association (SPIBA) ( promotes the development of all foreign businesses in Northwest Russia,

– Russo-British Chamber of Commerce ( helps to develop and maintain businesses in St. Petersburg (mainly for English origin companies).

– Russian-German Chamber of Commerce ( provides consulting services.

– Global Intelligence Alliance ( offers Russian business environment advice and competitor monitoring.

These associations are just an example of partner companies that can help you launch your business here. To make your search more effective, find an association directly relevant to your country of origin or the specialization of your business.

You can also use the list of recommended companies below.

Real estate agencies

Two well-known international representatives in the St. Petersburg real estate market are Colliers International ( and Knight Frank ( While you may not work with them, you can still use their website’s analytical reports, which are updated quarterly.

At a lesser price point you can use the services of Nevsky Prostor agency ( or CT Investments ( They both provide real estate search, deal support and collection of needed documents.

Nevsky Prostor agency also offers legal services in the sphere of real estate.

For renting industrial premises and warehouses contact

Financial consulting

Choose a financial company with proven good recommendations because it is a key aspect of effective business operation in the future.

With the branded international companies such as PwC ( and Ernst & Young ( you will get full financial consulting coverage – from evaluation of your business to planning and forecasting of new development issues.

Financial consulting, structure optimization, management and development services are also offered by less expensive companies such as Alt (

Legal offices

Large foreign companies of this sector are Baker & McKenzie (, Dentons ( and Hannes Snellman (

Lesser known but highly recommended legal companies are Capital Legal Services ( and Hough,Trofimov & Partners ( With their help you can create and register a company, settle tax disputes or intellectual property matters and get consulted on commercial, employment and corporate law issues (restructuring, reorganization, mergers and acquisitions). Hough, Trofimov & Partners can also advise on Russian legislation in terms of foreign investments. Russia Consulting ( provides an advanced set of consulting services: accounting, tax, HR, real estate and IT.

Advertising agencies

To create your own brand, logo and run promotion campaigns, contact advertising agencies Promaco ( or SPN Ogilvy ( Both firms offer design, advertising and PR services, but SPN Ogilvy is also a known planner of events with state official participation.

Good luck in the development of your business in St. Petersburg!

Translation by Kira Egorova
Edited by Erin Swanson

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