Bridges of St. Petersburg

By on May 7, 2014
Palace Bridge in St.Peterburg Russia

Rivers, canals and small channels in the urban area made it possible to create an advanced system of bridges. There are 342 bridges serving the streets and avenues, neatly separating the city and spreading some holiday spirit to an everyday life, charming the guests and inhabitants of St. Petersburg.  Take a ride on a water-taxi along the canals of the historical center, explore some distant areas and cosy corners, or take a steady walk down the long quays – this will let you look into the soul of St. Petersburg and be imbued with its’ distinctive charm.

Of course, you won’t manage to visit all the bridges of the city and its’ suburbs – their number is more than 800! So skim the cream and leave the other part for another interesting walk!

So let’s your own inspiration guides your walk, just relax and enjoy it all.

Bridges of Neva River

The bridges of Bolshaya Neva have always been considered the best and most luxurious ones. During a walk down the long quay of the famous Russian river you can see the most popular bridges with a lot of interesting facts thoroughly described in all the guide-books.

The Big Obukhovsky Bridge is the longest in St. Petesburg, its full length over Neva is 2824 meters. The unique modern design of this structure will inspire some amazing photos, even more in the sunny weather or at night when it sparks with hundreds of blinking lights. Walk around the joint of Vsevologskiy and Nevskiy districts to find the best angle and capture this perfection forever.

Graceful bridges over Bolshaya Neva are in sequence: Volodarsky Bridge, Finland Railway Bridge, Alexander Nevsky Bridge, Liteiny Bridge, Troitsky Bridge and Blagoveshchensky Bridge. You can enjoy all the beauty of the panorama from both side of the river while having a walk along the quay. Palace bridge would probably catch your eye since it is one of the symbols of the city. This cast-iron bridge, equipped with an outstanding drawing mechanism, connects Vasilievsky Island and the city center. Cross it in the day time, on your way to the Hermitage, and by all means don’t miss the traditional opening at 1:35 and closing at 4:50. Just imagine how this complex, enormous structure of the pre-Peter times rises to the skies clearing the path to the towering ships.

Liteiny Bridge in St.Petersburg

Liteiny Bridge

Troitsky Bridge, St.Pete

Troitsky Bridge

Blagoveshchensky Bridge in St.Petersburg

Blagoveshchensky Bridge

Bridges of St. Petersburg

Birzhevoy Bridge

Tuchkov Bridge over the Malaya Neva, built in 1758, is a perfect place to make some punchy photos of St. Petersburg. This is the place where Vasilievsky Island and wide avenue from Petrogradskaya connect. Yellow and orange colors shine brightly during the sunset.

Peter the Great Bridge, St. Petersburg

Peter the Great Bridge

Bolshoi Obukhovsky Bridge, St.Petersburg

Big Obukhovsky Bridge

Palace Bridge Spb

Palace Bridge

Romantic feelings

Potseluev Bridge (Bridge of Kisses) over the Moika is famous for its romantic aura – loving couples hang the padlocks here! And the breathtaking view on the colonnade of the Saint Isaac’s Cathedral draws all kinds of photographers here. This romantic place is very easy to find – it is in a couple of minutes from the Theater square, National conservatoire or Labor square.

Bridge of Kisses, St.Petersburg

Bridge of Kisses

Bridges over the Fontanka River

The Fontanka river has some small but very picturesque bridges which are just must-see if you are in the historical part of St. Petersburg. Belinsky Bridge, Prachechny Bridge, English Bridge, Obukhovsky Bridge, Anichkov Bridge… Stay a bit longer near the Egyptian Bridge, not far from the Lermontov avenue. Two beautiful sphinxes lie at the entry of this bridge staring at the guests of our city. Old-Kalinkin Bridge crowns Fontanka with a vivid medieval entourage, take a few photos here and leave some time for a walk down the Griboyedov canal.

Egyptian Bridge, Spb

Egyptian Bridge

Izmailovsky Bridge in St. Petersburg

Izmailovsky Bridge

Along the Griboyedov canal

Detaching from the Moika river, Griboyedov canal starts with the Tripartite Bridge near The Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood which is the favorite place for the newly-married. You can meet street musicians and artists on the Italian Bridge and don’t forget to take some pictures of a classic view on the majestic church. The famous golden wings gryphons decorate the pedestrian Bank Bridge near Nevsky Prospekt. The ancient Stone bridge on Gorokhovaya street hasn’t been reconstructed since the 18th century – don’t miss this original part of St. Petersburg. Lion Bridge with four giant wild cats perfectly fits into the city view in the day time. And if you want to feel a romantic image of a mysterious town, try to find it near Mogilevsky Bridge and St. Isidor’s Church.

Lion Bridge in St.Petersburg

Lion Bridge

Bank Bridge in St. Petersburg

Bank Bridge

Translation by Igor Todorov
Edited by Salvatore Gagliarde

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