The Saint Petersburg State Art and Industry Academy of Alexander von Stieglitz

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Art and Industry Academy of Alexander von Stieglitz

Every Petersburger knows about the famous Saint Petersburg State Art and Industry Academy of Alexander von Stieglitz, the “Mukha”. Even though the historical name of the academy was restored in 2006, the locals still prefer to call it by its former name after the sculptor Vera Mukhina. “Mukha” was and remains the workshop of talents where unique forms in painting, applied art and design are born. Its alumni have gained worldwide acceptance and prestigious prizes in international exhibitions. Among them are K. Petrov-Vodkin, A. Rylov, A. Ostroumova-Lebedeva, A. Matveev, S. Chehonin and others. And today’s students give as much promise as their predecessors used to do.

Chapters of history

The Saint Petersburg State Art and Industry Academy owes its creation and fame to the baron Alexander von Stieglitz. A famous entrepreneur and a big admirer of art, he gave a million rubles for construction of a central technical art school “for both sexes” in 1876. Later on, he helped to open the industrial art museum and the library here.

That’s how the Neo-Renaissance building appeared on Solyanoy lane, designed by architects R. A. Gedika and A. I. Krakau. Later, in the late 1880’s, the museum was also endowed with money bequeathed by Alexander von Stieglitz. The first headmaster of the school, architect Maximilian von Messmacher, became the author of the plan. Almost all of the finishing work was made by students and teachers of the Academy. The interior of each hall was elaborated considering the epochs of the exhibits. And the original glass dome made to lighten the main Youth hall of the museum is still perfectly visible from the Fontanka embankment.

In the Soviet times the Academy was reorganized and became a part of the Petrograd Higher Art and Industry Institute for a long time, but after World War II it regained its former rank.

The museum of decorative and applied arts and the exhibition hall nowadays

Not only the exhibits at the “Mukha” are worth visiting. One can also enjoy a short but fascinating journey into the past here. Chic interior decoration, dainty wall paintings in aggregate with the furniture will let you relish the aroma of bygone days while looking through the chapters of history. Modern art fans will take great pleasure in the student works presented in a permanent exhibition.

“Mukha” is especially interesting for those who value original jewelry, semiprecious stone pieces and extraordinary souvenirs. The exhibition and sale of precious and semiprecious stone articles “Stone World” takes place inside the Academy frequently. Find out more about the upcoming events here:


The Museum of Decorative and Applied Arts of The Saint Petersburg State Art and Industry Academy

Address: St. Petersburg, 13/15 Solyanoy lane

Tel. / fax: +7(812) 273 3258


The Saint Petersburg State Art and Industry Academy of Alexander von Stieglitz

Address: St. Petersburg, 13 Solyanoy lane

Tel.: +7(812) 273-26-98

Museum and exhibition hall hours:

Every day 11 am to 4 pm. Closed Sundays, Mondays and the last Friday of each month. Prerecorded tours.

Translation by I.Todorov
Edited by Amber Dahlin

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