Apartment rent in St. Petersburg

By on July 29, 2015
Apartment rent in St. Petersburg

One of the popular types of accommodation during travel in Russia, besides hotels and hostels, is staying at an apartment. It is a good way to feel at home in a different city and there are many other reasons for this choice:

  • price – the bigger the company of travelers the cheaper the price,
  • location – in every corner of the city you can find an apartment, not only close to the railway station or Hermitage, but to that certain place you are interested in,
  • «local experience» – feel the way the residents live.

It is typical to classify apartments for rent in 3 categories:

  • «economy» – 1-room apartments in the residential area of the city, price 1500-2500 RUB/night
  • «comfort» – 2-room apartments in the center of the city, price 4000-5000 RUB/night
  • «luxury» – large, several room apartments in the center of the city with marvelous views of the Neva river embankment or historical center, price 15000 RUB/night

Find out more about St. Petersburg districts and apartment prices here https://petersburg4u.com/real-estate

Apartments in St. Petersburg’s residential areas are low-priced and are often leased by their owners: through relatives, friends, and newspaper advertisements or by offer in person on the railway stations. Luxury apartments are mostly leased through estate agencies or management companies.

Remember that when you rent an apartment from a newspaper advertisement or from unfamiliar people you don’t get any warranties. Pay attention not only to the accommodation conditions, but to the reliability of the agent you deal with. If you are welcomed to the city by a tourist company, leave the choice of accommodation to it; because the renting market is mostly unofficial and uncontrolled.

Be ready to pay a deposit for property damage, commonly one month (long-term rent) or one night payment (daily rent). The deposit is given back if everything stays in order.

Don’t deal with companies that charge an advanced payment for the flat search only.

Before moving into the apartment (in case of long-term rent) check the owner’s documents thoroughly for instance passport (id) and property deed. If under a contract, no advance payments should be made without the keys to the apartment. Deposits, advances and all other payments should be fixed in a contract or in a receipt with passport data, in two copies for each party. Read all the statements of the contract with an agency, especially if you pay in advance.

About 10-15 thousand apartments are leased daily in St. Petersburg in the summer. The highest demand for apartments appears in the “white nights”, winter holidays, New Year seasons and during the university admissions. Demand raises the prices and you should be quick and smart to catch the best. Season prices can climb up to nearly 50%.

In addition mini-hotels have become more popular nowadays, cheaper than a big hotel and more reliable as well as safer than an apartment. Also you can stay in an apartment hotel in a room equipped with a kitchen and the full range of hotel services. On how to choose a hotel in St. Petersburg read here https://petersburg4u.com/hotels 

You can search and book a daily apartment rental on the following websites:


For long term rental use these listings:


Translation by Kira Horm
Edited by Joan Akatukunda

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