300th Anniversary Park in St. Petersburg

By on May 9, 2014
300th Anniversary Park in St. Petersburg, Russia

The 300th anniversary park in St. Petersburg is located uptown near the Gulf of Finland and was opened in honor of St Petersburg’s 300th anniversary.

The park is situated in the northwest area near Primorsky Prospect in a district full of new buildings. Its surface covers about 91 hectares and is the home to many trees which were given to our city: 300 trees from the city’s administration, 300 decorative apple trees from Finland, 70 lime trees from Germany, and 300 trees and bushes given to the park by sister towns/ heads of constituent units/special guests and park builders.

The park with its quay, fountains, alleys, arbors and playgrounds creates a great atmosphere for entertainment. You can enjoy your summer here by biking, rollerblading, skateboarding or playing beach volleyball. If it’s winter, you can enjoy your time spent here by skiing. The central alley leads to a 22-meter lighthouse and elements which symbolizes 3 centuries of life in the city. The big beach, near the Gulf of Finland, is a special spot in the park where you can see a splendid view of St. Petersburg from across the sea. However, it’s forbidden to swim there because of the proximity of the town and the port. In the western part of the park, 12 hectares were developed specially for children – playgrounds, amusement arcades, toys and sweets are sold for kids. Citizens also love to spend big holidays having folk festivals in this park.

The pride of the park is the Piterland Aquapark, the biggest indoor water park in the country. It is 25,000 square meters and its dome is now the highest in the world among similar buildings. In Piterland, one can tan 365 days a year due to a unique cover which allows ultraviolet lights to pass through even in winter. In summer, people tan on the open porch.

Work hours: open 24/7 in the summer and from 10:00 to 23:00 in the winter.

Entrance in the park is free.


Address: St Peterburg, Primorsky Prospect 74

From the west, you can enter the park by Primorsky Prospect and Primorsky Road. From the east you can enter on Yakhtennaa St.

The nearest subway stations are “Staraya Derevnia” and “Chernaya Rechka”. From “Staraya Derevnya” you can take the shuttle bus № 232 (or go by foot), from “Chernaya Rechka” you can take the shuttle bus № 132.

Telephone number: +7(812) 540-19-90

Translation by Leila Ismailova
Edited by Stacey Watson

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