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  • Troleybus in St Petersburg
    St. Petersburg public transport

    St. Petersburg’s city center has a tight network of public routes. It will be easy for you to reach your hotel or any site downtown. Public transport and metro stations are more difficult to be found in...

  • Rossiya russian airlines plane
    How to get to St. Petersburg

    The most comfortable way to get to St. Petersburg, for instance from Europe, is by plane. But if you heading to St. Petersburg from Moscow you’ll have a few options: taking a train or flight. Here on the...

  • Russian city St.Petersburg main landmark
    Why St.Petersburg?

    You haven’t been to Saint-Petersburg, but browsing our blog?  Guess, you may consider visiting it then…no matter, if it’s your first encounter or you’re a regular visitor here – you’re welcome to drive, sail, fly here any...